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Stars of Screen & Sky: Plan a Magical Outdoor Movie Night


Perfect for a party or a family movie night that’s just a little extra special, these ideas from the July/August 2018 issue of American Girl magazine are sure to earn your evening a 5-star review.


Movie Marquee

Create a movie marquee using black poster board. Use colored duct tape to create a border around the poster board. Use chalk markers or gel pens to write the movie title, showtime, and any other info you want your guests to know. Place the sign near the party’s entrance.


Treat Trays

Here’s a way for guests to tote their treats. Decorate the sides of cardboard box lids or boxes using glitter tape. Give a lid to each guest so she’ll have a tray to hold her snacks, like one of these great popcorn recipes, during the movie.


Screen time

To show a movie on a large screen, you’ll need a projector that works with a laptop or smartphone. Libraries and schools sometimes have this equipment available to rent.

For an outdoor screen, a white vinyl tablecloth with fabric backing works best. Hang the tablecloth on a badminton or volleyball net and hold it in place with clothespins.


Twinkling Trail

Get that theater lighting feel by creating a lighted path to the movie-watching area. Set up two parallel lines of clear plastic cups to create the path. Then place a battery-operated LED tea light in each cup. Don’t forget to turn them on when the sun goes down!

You’ll find even more ideas for invitations, games, concessions, and other special details in the magazine. On with the show!

Adapted from American Girl magazine.
©2018 American Girl. All American Girl marks are trademarks of American Girl.

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