The time your girl spends with her grandparents can make for wonderful, long-lasting memories. Celebrate that bond this Grandparents Day, observed on the first Sunday after Labor Day, with this simple, thoughtful gift. Your girl and her grandparents will love learning more about each other, staying connected, and having fun together.

Here's what to do:

On sturdy paper, print these sheets of question cards. Help your girl carefully cut the cards apart along the cut lines. Decorate a small box, tin, or jar, and place the cards inside.

Let your girl give the cards to her grandparents, and arrange for them to spend some time taking turns drawing cards, answering the questions, chatting about their answers, sharing a laugh, and spending some good time together.

Happy Grandparents Day!

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Adapted from Just Grandma and Me, Trula Magruder and Erin Falligant, eds. American Girl Publishing, 2011. All rights reserved.