Rainy-Day Fun for Everyone

For your littlest girls or your growing tweens, here are seven ideas that will chase away the clouds!

Bitty Girls Tea Party

Bitty Girls Tea Party

adapted from Bitty Baby Has a Tea Party

Making new friends is one of the best ways for your child to learn basic social skills like sharing, taking turns, being respectful, and empathizing with others. A rainy-day tea party is a great opportunity for little ones to practice what it means to have—and be—a friend! Here’s why:

Feeling shy? Having a fun activity to do together can help break the ice if your girl and her guest are feeling shy at first. A tea-party set gives them something they can easily share as they become comfortable together. And don’t worry if they play side-by-side instead of together: parallel play is common through age three.

Plan a snack. No tea party is complete without a snack! Find out if your guest has any food restrictions, and be ready to offer a snack partway through the tea party. Food can also provide a positive way to refocus your little one’s energy if a squabble arises.

Short & sweet. One to two hours is plenty of time for your little one to enjoy her friend’s company. You want to avoid having them end their time together tired and cranky. To end the tea-party playdate on a high note, give them something to look forward to by suggesting activities they can do the next time they get together.

All is Wellie

All is Wellie

Adapted from The Muddily-Puddily Show

A rainy day can be fun with friends! If your girl has several friends over, these fun games will have their creativity and giggles bubbling over.

Rain, rain, rainy day,
Splishy-sploshy wet,
Muddily, puddily,
Muddily, puddily
We love rain, you bet!

Rewrite a familiar song to fit the situation. In The Muddily-Puddily Show, the WellieWishers turned “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” into a silly song about rain, and “London Bridge” into a fun song about autumn. If the lines come out funny or silly, so much the better!

Play a word game, like “In the Manner of the Adverb.” Here’s how: one girl leaves the room. The other girls pick an adverb—a word ending in “–ly" that describes the manner of an action, such as “quickly” or “crazily.” The first girl returns and asks the girls to do something “in the manner of the adverb.” For example, “get dressed in the manner of the adverb.” One at a time, girls then act out their assignments—such as getting dressed super fast if the word is quickly or saying “I think I’ll wear my pants on my head” if the word is crazily. Unlike charades, talking is encouraged! When the adverb is guessed, the girl whose acting gave it away gets to go out, and the game continues.

Play the mirror game. Have the girls stand in front of a mirror and frown at their reflections. Now smile. Then frown again. Then smile really big. Then scowl fiercely. Keep going, faster and faster. This game usually ends in laughter!

Quiet Rainy-Day fun

Quiet Rainy-Day fun

adapted from Bored No More! Quiz Book

Your girl can brighten dull or dreary days with these fun ideas that she can do alone or with a friend!

Rainbow ribbon curtain. Brighten the view from any window with a curtain of rainbow ribbons. Attach felt flowers randomly along lengths if ribbon with craft clue. She can make her own felt flowers by cutting a flower-petal shapes from felt and gluing a button to the center. Attach the ribbons to the top of her curtains with safety pins.

Story shuffle. Turn old mismatched playing cards into a clever and silly deck of story-telling tools. Cover the number side of the cards with paper. Doodle simple drawings or a person or place, or write a word or number on each card. Shuffle the cards and draw five. Then use the cards to create a story.

Paper pieces. Scraps of paper, fabric, or ribbon can become great materials for a collage. Your girl can doodle a basic scene or shape—like a flower or a picture of her pet—then cut the scraps to shape and attach them to the paper, overlapping or clustering them to fill out her design.

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