Box It Up!

Wrap three empty boxes of different sizes in parchment paper and stack them from largest to smallest. Add adhesive gems for eyes and cut a piece of orange felt for the nose. Glue the felt nose and gem eyes to the first box. Create a hat with rolled-up paper and a pom-pom ball, and glue buttons to the middle box.

Snow Sock

Fill a large white sock with rice, and tie off the top. Tie a piece of thin ribbon around the middle-top of the sock to create a head and a body. Tie a piece of fabric around the ribbon like a scarf. Use a baby sock to cover the knot on the top of the snowperson’s head. Add adhesive gems for the eyes and a piece of orange felt for the nose. Attach with craft glue. Add a few buttons to the snowperson’s “stomach” using craft glue.

Cute as a Button

Glue large, medium, and small buttons to a piece of card stock. Let dry. Draw arms and a hat with a marker and add a felt nose. Your girl can frame the card or send it to a friend.


Use adhesive gems to make a battery tea light look like a snowperson face. Use felt and pom-pom balls to create earmuffs, or create a hat out of paper. Attach with adhesive dots.

Sweet Snow

Add frosting to the top of a marshmallow, and stack a second marshmallow on top. Add frosting to the top of the second marshmallow, and stack a cookie and chocolate to create a hat. Add pretzel arms and licorice for a scarf. Use frosting to create a face and buttons. Add an orange sprinkle nose and then your girl can display for all of your friends to see!

Pretty Pots

Paint small, medium, and large flower pots with white craft paint. Let dry. Stack the pots largest to smallest, and decorate with adhesive gems. Use a baby sock as a hat. Cut a piece of fabric and tie around the top pot to create a scarf.

Ideas from American Girl magazine.