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Spring Break Travel Trips


Planning a great vacation can be anything but stress-free—especially when you’re wrangling kids! Make getting the whole family to your destination a little easier with these travel tips:

Travel tip 1

Make a list, check it twice

About a week before you leave, help your girl make a checklist of everything she’ll need to pack. Then she can check off the items as she puts them in her suitcase. When she’s through, pack the packing list! She can use it to make sure everything makes it back home again.

Travel tip 2

Keep your cool

Kids love to explore (and they need a lot of bathroom breaks!) so leave for the airport with plenty of time before your flight. You’re much more likely to stay calm when they’re hungry or can’t find their earbuds.

Travel tip 4

Bring kid-friendly snacks

Save a little money by bringing your own snacks on the flight. You can carry on food like granola bars, sandwiches, and fresh fruit. There are some restrictions (liquids must be less than 3.4 oz) so make sure you check the latest rules before you fly.

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