Is a simple and stress-free holiday season on your family’s wish list this year? With all the family obligations, special events, and high expectations, it might seem out of reach. While we can’t promise a picture-perfect holiday, you can stress less by thinking Ho, Ho, Ho.

Hang Out

School parties, church events, shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating. December is packed full of so much fun that it can, well, stop feeling fun. Amid all the hustle and bustle, make sure to carve out some quiet time—a family movie or game night, time to read favorite holiday books together, or a special sleep-late Saturday. As much as you can, maintain family mealtimes, regular bedtimes, and daily rituals you all enjoy.

Help Others

One thing you do want to make sure is on your schedule is a special time to give back. The holidays are a great time to start a tradition of volunteering together as a family. It could be helping with a holiday meal for the homeless or shopping for donations to a community toy drive. Or you can practice simple acts of kindness, like shoveling snow for an elderly neighbor or taking cookies to your local fire station. You might even discover that your girl's wish list gets smaller as she sees just how fortunate she is.

Head Outdoors

Everybody still feeling overwhelmed? Exercise is a great stress-reliever. Take a walk to look at holiday decorations or go sledding, biking, or snowshoeing together. Being in nature, breathing in the cool, crisp air, can help the whole family feel more at peace. Plus, burning off some extra energy can make it easier to approach stressful situations more calmly.