Teachable Moments

Girls love our books because they’re entertaining, engaging, and filled with fun. And parents and teachers love them because they offer advice, activities, and valuable lessons pertinent to girls and the issues they face growing up. Want to address a specific topic relevant to your girl? Here are five American Girl books and the themes they explore.

Stand Up for Yourself Journal

Bullying is a big issue facing tween-age girls, and this journal uses quizzes, questions, charts, and checklists to help them learn how to stand up to bullying and bossiness. Girls can practice the words they might say in sticky situations and even track their progress along the way.

A Smart Girl's Guide - Drama, Rumos & Secrets

If it seems like your girl's life is a bit of an emotional roller coaster, you’re not alone. The issue of "drama"—everything from jealousy to gossip to cyberbullying—is a top concern for girls ages 10 and up. This book offers girls insight into why drama exists, how it starts, what keeps it going, and how they can cool it down.

A Smart Girl's Guide - Drama, Rumos & Secrets

While your girl likely knows how it feels to be happy, sad, scared, excited, bored, and more, as she develops, the emotions might change or come and go more quickly. This book helps girls understand their emotions and learn to deal with them. They’ll get tips on expressing their feelings and staying in control, plus advice on handling fear, anxiety, jealousy, and grief.

Stand Up for Yourself Journal

As your girl’s body and mind develop and change, her confidence can get shaken. There are plenty of reasons to bolster her self-esteem, including to help her feel good about who she is and what makes her unique, give her a solid foundation from which to make good choices, and give her the strength she needs to stand up for herself and try new things. With this book, she'll learn tips for trusting herself, ideas for boosting her self-esteem (or for keeping it up), and how to feel her best in all kinds of situations. She is perfect just as she is, and this book will help her believe that to be true!

The Caring and Keeping of US

When your girl starts asking the hard questions that come with growing up and developing, neither you nor she might know the right words to use. This kit includes twin books, one for her and one for you, filled with dozens of how-to-say-it scripts to get the conversations going. These scripts give girls the words to talk about all the big topics from body basics, hygiene, and healthy habits to friends, first crushes, clothing, and more. And in your book, you’ll get the actual words to respond to her questions, as well as scripts to initiate important conversations.

Remember that while these titles were all written for girls, you can learn a lot about what she is going through by reading these books as well—either on your own, or paired up with your daughter so that you can talk about the topics in more depth.

If you want to find books more specific to your girl, check out American Girl’s Advice Library for more titles.