Make the most of Father’s Day

Dads and daughters! Have a laugh, create memories, and maybe even learn new things about each other. Use these printables to interview each other, play a game about your favorite things, and create a playlist just for the two of you. Whether you have five minutes in the car or a whole weekend to fill, make the most of your one-on-one time together with these three fun ideas.

Trading Places

For this activity, interview each other with these fun, printable lists! Girls, ask your dad about the kind of boy he was. Girls, imagine yourself at your dad’s current age.

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Family Favorites

Can you guess each other’s favorite things? How many do you have in common? Print out this sheet, and each take a copy. Fill them out separately, then compare to see how well you know each other’s favorite things and discover how many you share!

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Tunes for Two

Create a playlist of songs that you both enjoy! Make it a tradition that every year, you’ll create a new playlist to add to your shared music collection. Use the printable to keep track of your tracks, year after year!

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