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Top Tips for Back to School


As the lazy days of summer fade, and the evening air begins to cool, you feel it. The start of a new school year is coming—and with it, a whole new year of friendships, class schedules, after-school sports, and social events. How can you help your girl get pumped up for back to school? Here are some ideas to try:

Back To School Bash

Start the new school year with a celebration! Invite family, friends, and classmates to a back-to-school bash. She can make invitations, decorate with streamers in her school’s spirit colors, and make school-themed goodie bags to hand out to guests. Bake a cake and frost it in her school colors for a sweet treat.

picture perfect

She'll feel confident for her school photos with a fresh outfit. Take her shopping before portrait day to choose her look. Pro tip: most school photos are taken from the waist up, so you may only need a new top and a fresh haircut.

School Tools

Beat the back-to-school rush for classroom supplies! Many schools post supply lists on their websites so you can go shopping over the summer. Take her along with you to help find her supplies at the store to help her feel involved. Let her choose one back-to-school item like a new backpack to get her excited about tackling school projects.


check out

Is your girl going to a new school? Help her ease jitters by visiting the school before the first day of classes. If your school offers an ice-cream social or tour in the summertime, take advantage! It’s a great way for girls (and their parents) to see their classrooms and say hello to the new teachers.

Rise and Shine

While it’s not super exciting, a good night’s sleep is vital to success in school. Help your girl get back into the routine of a “normal” bedtime a few weeks ahead of time. She can start winding down about 30 minutes before she should be in bed—she can read a book, play relaxing music, or even take a warm shower. If she has electronics, make sure they’re kept out of her room at night.

Team Spirit

Get her pumped up with a spirit craft for her teammates! Make them a school scrunchie craft—cut lengths of fabric in school colors about 3 inches long and ½ inch wide. Fold the fabric in half, then knot it around a hair elastic. Continue in alternating colors until the entire elastic is covered. Everyone can wear it to games and show their school spirit.

Adapted from American Girl magazine.
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