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Scan, Learn, and Play: Discover Exciting Extras with the AG App


At American Girl, there’s always more to the story than what you see on the pages of our books and catalogues and in our stores. Our editors and product designers dedicate up to two years to creating characters, stories, and worlds that are authentic and meaningful to girls. Through research trips, conversations with advisory boards and subject experts, award-winning authors, and our own in-house historian, we amass many details and pieces of a character’s story that—until now—haven’t been able to be shared.


In late 2017, we introduced new augmented reality experiences in our app to share these never-before-seen details and pieces of story in the pages of our catalogue and in stores. With our current Girl of the Year™, Luciana Vega™, her books and world have much more to offer than initially meets the eye through new digital experiences. Now, girls can bring Luciana—and her stories—to life as they read her books and play with her world through interactive quizzes and games, stop motion videos featuring Luciana, and immersive 360° videos.


Throughout the year, our editors, product designers, and digital storytellers are drawing on our troves of stories and research to create new augmented reality experiences and “extras.” Here’s a peek at the newest experiences to look for in the American Girl app:

Luciana's Space Suit

luciana's mission on mars 

Is your girl like Luciana and one day wants to blast off to Mars to carry out missions on the red planet? Your girl can take her play out of this world by scanning the door of her habitat where Luciana will be waiting for her to complete her very own mission on Mars.

Luciana’s Books

pop off the page stories

You may have grown up with pop-up books, but today, your girl has augmented-reality technology at her fingertips! Scan the covers and pages of Luciana and Maryellen’s books to bring these characters’ stories off the page and into your girl’s world.


summer by starlight 

Luciana loves to stargaze, and your girl can join in by scanning Luciana’s night-sky-inspired stargazing blanket. Your girl can learn more about constellations from Luciana in an interactive 360° experience!


hit the open road 

In Maryellen’s second book, Taking Off, she embarks on a cross-country adventure in her family’s Airstream® trailer. Your girl can bring Maryellen’s summertime road trip to life by scanning pieces in Maryellen’s Airstream® trailer, hiking, and camping accessories.

AG Cover

uncover surprises 

If you and your girl are like us, the day our newest catalogue lands on your doorstep is an exciting one! Download the app and have your phone or tablet at the ready as you page through and scan for extra content and experiences whenever you see this symbol.

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