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Cozy Up to a Heartwarming Winter Read


The fourth book in the Tenney series takes readers on a musical journey with Tenney as she discovers the true gifts of the season.

In Tenney: A Song for the Season, rising music star Tenney Grant is excited to go out on her first tour with her bandmate Logan. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her to showcase her music and meet fans across Tennessee. But Tenney quickly finds that being on the road at Christmas, away from her family and the special holiday traditions they share, is making it difficult for her to enjoy the experience. And to make matters worse, the tour isn’t running as smoothly as she’d hoped, which is creating distance between her and Logan.

As Tenney tries to make the best of her situation, she finds moments of kindness and grace that help her understand what’s truly important during the holidays—family, friends, and giving to others.

Excerpt from Tenney: Song for the Season

“I know touring can be hard, Tenney,” Dad said carefully.

“It’s okay if you’re not having fun all the time. It’s still going to make you a better performer. You just have to get through the tough times.”

I nodded. I knew he was right, but that didn’t make me feel any better.

After Dad left, I shut the door and I set my guitar on the bed, lying down beside it. I still felt a jumble of emotions: sad and angry, ashamed and lonely, and most of all homesick.

I glanced at the hotel window. Snowflakes hit the glass and melted into droplets of water, like miniature tears. The few cars in the parking lot were coated in dirty-looking frost, and the sky was heavy with gloomy gray clouds. The one dash of color was a red Christmas ribbon that someone had tied in a bow to a streetlight. As I watched the ribbon’s loose ends flutter in the wind, the holiday song I’d been working on floated back into my mind.

I sat up, feeling a pulse of inspiration. I grabbed my songwriting journal and a pen from my backpack and took out my guitar, and curled up in a comfy soft chair by the window. I looked out at the wintry view and played my new melody, thinking about the day.


Author Kellen Hertz was excited to write a holiday-themed book for the Tenney series. “Marrying a storyline about a tour to a holiday setting seemed promising,” she says. “I saw a kind of parallel between them. Sometimes we hope and dream for a certain kind of holiday season, and then real life gets in the way. Expectations of what you’re going to get or experience and how things ‘should be’ can set kids—and adults!—up for disappointment.


“The greatest gifts in life aren't necessarily the things we expect.” 
- Author Kellen Hertz


“To me, what’s most important about the season is that it’s a time to step away from our crazy lives, spend time with loved ones, and give of ourselves emotionally to others. It’s about accepting each other for who we are and remembering that sometimes the greatest gifts in life aren’t necessarily the things we expect. Often, it’s the way we react to adversity that can connect us to each other most powerfully."

Reflecting further on the spirit of the season and Tenney's story, Hertz notes, "It’s not about material gifts. It’s about giving the gifts of love and understanding and joy. I wanted Tenney to have an experience of not thinking about others, of slipping into selfishness and self-pity, and then having to recognize that and transcend it. Through Tenney, I hope readers experience that same moment of understanding.”

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