Snow Much Fun - A Cute Craft for Holiday Special Deliveries

As a parent, you well know that handmade gifts from your girl mean so much more than anything store-bought. Share that same warm and fuzzy feeling by turning this cute snowflake cup craft from a desk-organizing tool into one that’s just right for delivering great holiday goodies.

Start by creating a gift-giving list of all the people you and your girl would like to share something special with this holiday season—you know, teachers, neighbors, best friends, favorite aunts, and more. Pair up with your daughter to make the craft, then decide together what the something special should be to put inside. Need ideas? Gift cards, candy, pens and pencils, silly socks, hot chocolate mix, a small stuffed animal, and ornaments are all great starters. Wrap up the surprise with a tissue paper and a bow, and deliver to someone you care about in time for the holidays.