How to Send Us Your Picture

Would you like to see a photo of yourself and your doll on the American Girl Web site? Then follow the steps below. IMPORTANT: You must have your parent fill out, sign, and send in the entire form! Otherwise, we cannot use your photograph!

  1. Print these instructions and the Subject Information and Photo Release Form you will need to include with your photo.
  2. Choose a sharply focused photo with a simple background. A parent should approve any photo sent to us. Please do not send images color-printed or copied on regular paper! Images must be either original photos or printed on photo-quality paper. We don't accept photos of girls and their dolls done by professional photographers; please do not submit these photos.
  3. Identify everyone in the photo (names of dolls, too!) on a separate piece of paper. (Each child shown in the photo needs a Subject Information and Photo Release Form completed by her parent or legal guardian.) Do not write on the back of the photo, because markers and pens can smudge or bleed through the photo.
  4. On the same sheet of paper, include a short statement about you and your doll--why you love her, what you like to do together, or information that other fans might find interesting.
  5. Have a parent or guardian help you fill out the Subject Information and Photo Release Form. Make sure that the form is signed and dated. You must send in the entire form, not just part of it. Please do not cut up the form.
  6. Send your photo, description, and release form to the following address:

    Web Editorial-Fan Gallery
    American Girl
    8400 Fairway Place
    Middleton, WI 53562

A Few Important Notes

Sending us your photo, description, and release form does not guarantee that you will appear on the American Girl Web site. We reserve the right to choose the photos and descriptions we post. No photos will be considered for posting without a signed release form. For privacy reasons, subjects in the photos will be identified by no more than first name, age, and state. Submissions chosen may not appear on the site for several months. Materials you send will not be returned. Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we will not notify you about the status of your submission. Please check the site periodically.

Please complete the Subject Information and Photo Release Form.

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