Lanie's Backyard Photo Contest

Congratulations to girls everywhere

More than 34,000 girls entered Lanies Backyard Photo Contest. Everyone who submitted pictures found fun
and unique ways to showcase the beauty of nature. Thank you for helping bring the outdoors into focus.
Check out the winning entries below!

Grand Prize winners:

Amalia, age 8, Missouri

Highlight from Amalia’s “Nature Note”:

When I go outside, I am inspired by looking at the bugs on my swing set. There is a creek beyond my backyard, and when I go out, sometimes I see toads. When I am outside in the summer, I hear crickets singing at night. I like when the leaves turn yellow, red, and orange in the fall.

Madelaine, age 12, New York

Highlight from Madelaine’s “Nature Note”:

I am warmed deep down in my soul as I feel the plants blooming around me. Natural inspiration flows through me and encourages me to respond, and I feel a need to care for each living thing that crosses my path.

Tess, age 9, Minnesota

Highlight from Tess’s “Nature Note”:

I see the sunset and it makes me feel happy because of all of the beautiful colors.

Jada, age 9, Washington

Highlight from Jada’s “Nature Note”:

When I step outside and feel the wind against my face, it makes me feel like playing tag and gardening.

McKenna Jo, age 9, Utah

Highlight from McKenna Jo’s “Nature Note”:

Each season brings new and exciting memories. Spring always brings strong enough winds for me to fly my kite. The warm sunshine of summer heats the water while I swim. Fall allows me to enjoy the rainbow of beauty with the changing of the leaves. And most of all, I love that winter brings white, drifted snow for me to make snow angels.

First Prize winners:

  • Rylie, age 10, Wisconsin
  • Lydia, age 11, Ohio
  • Megan, age 12, Ohio
  • Peyton, age 9, California
  • Mary, age 11, Iowa
  • Emma, age 9, Michigan
  • Maiya, age 9, Massachusetts
  • Amanda, age 12, Minnesota
  • Kianna, age 9, California
  • Audrey, age 10, Texas
  • Jaime, age 10, Massachusetts
  • Sadie, age 10, Michigan
  • Emma, age 10, Michigan
  • Emily, age 12, California
  • Domonique, age 11, Massachusetts
  • Gabi, age 9, Washington
  • Melanie, age 10, North Carolina
  • Elani, age 10, Georgia
  • Megan, age 12, North Carolina
  • Kaitlyn, age 11, Iowa
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