Aloha Kanani, Girl of the Year 2011

From rescuing a baby monk seal to pitching in at her family's shop, Kanani™ loves to help others and share the aloha spirit of Hawai'i. Experience her world!

Read an excerpt from the first Kanani book

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Kanani is here until Dec. 31! Or while supplies last

Thanks for sharing the aloha spirit

Congratulations to everyone who created e-cards inspired by Kanani's stories.
Check out the winners—each will receive a Kanani™ doll and book.

January winners

  • Dyre V., CT
  • Emily C., CT
  • Hadara B., MD
  • Mary-Catherine S., OH
  • Meenal K., MA
  • Ronny N., NY

February winners

  • Alice H, TX
  • Ella A., CA
  • Emma N., TN
  • Marissa P., IN
  • Olivia G., VA
  • Sara S., KS

March winners

  • Brooklyn C., OK
  • Hannah N., MT
  • Charity C., CO
  • Sara K., VA
  • Caitlyn K., UT
  • Ashley W., NJ

April winners

  • Lorna Delle M., MO
  • Rebekah R., HI
  • Natalie L., MI
  • Erica W., OH
  • Rachael B., CA
  • Abigail H., NC
  • Michaela S., PA