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Kit's movie audition in an embedded Flash file. If you do not have Flash installed, please download it.
Kit's movie audition in an embedded Flash file. If you do not have Flash installed, please download it.

The open call for the new American Girl feature film—Kit Kittredge: An American Girl—discovered four talented girls. Click the “play” button to hear about their journey and see their excitement on the movie set.

More than 2,000 girls auditioned at American Girl Place in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles for roles in Kit’s new movie. Click the “play” button to watch the young actresses who followed their dreams and shared their talents.

Little did Jordan know that a way to make friends would lead to her first role in a feature film! Her family moved to St. Louis when she was seven years old, and as a way to meet people, she auditioned for musicals in community theater. Her talents led to parts in Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, and Annie. What she likes most about performing is the self-confidence she’s gained. But that poise left her when she got the call to be in Kit’s movie. She screamed so loudly that her dog couldn’t help but jump and bark in celebration, too!

Just eight years old, Erin wasn’t nervous at all when she auditioned. Maybe that’s because acting runs in her family. Her two older brothers perform in many plays, inspiring her to act. Playing a “giant boy” in a stage production of The Odyssey was her most interesting role—until now. When she learned she’d earned a role in Kit’s new movie, she jumped into her mother’s arms, shrieking all the way. Erin’s looking forward to all the “firsts” in her future—traveling to Canada, being on a movie set, meeting Hollywood stars, and of course, seeing herself on the big screen.

Inspiration comes in many forms, and for Elisabeth, the story of Helen Keller attracted her to acting. After watching the theatrical version of The Miracle Worker, she was so affected that she wrote her own play inspired by Helen Keller’s battle to overcome physical disabilities. Elisabeth then recruited her family to perform with her in the play, which encouraged her to create even more plays. Exploring her creative side prepared Elisabeth for the chance to play a part in the new Kit movie—the first of many roles she hopes to land in pursuit of her dream to be a professional actress.

Drama is part of every movie. For Brieanne, drama was part of her real life. At the age of four, she and her family were caught in a frightening hostage situation. Fortunately, no one was hurt. But the anxiety stayed with Brieanne, and she began shying away from new situations. So when she asked to audition for Kit’s movie, her family was surprised—and exhilarated. When Brieanne actually landed a part, she was excited, yet her proudest moment was simply showing the courage to stand up and audition for the part. And for her family, it was seeing their special girl shine again.