A voice for justice. A game-changer. A champion for the needy. A born leader. Each of our characters brings the past to life with inspirational, girl‑sized stories.


Unleash your inner hero and change the game
Stand up for girls' rights and make a difference
Lift your voice in the fight for fairness and freedom
Stay true to you and don't be afraid to stand out
Stars, stripes, and spirit
When fear strikes, let the aloha spirit be your guide
Find your true talent and share it with the world
Step onto the stage and let your heart take the lead
Respect and protect the Earth because we are all connected
Weather hard times with grit and gratitude

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American Girl is famous for our historical characters! These 18-inch dolls explore important times in America’s past. Each of these dolls for ages 8 and up includes a world of imagination. From 1980s girl Courtney Moore, featuring Courtney’s Bedroom Set, to 1970s girl Julie Albright and Julie’s Groovy Bathroom to 1960s girl Melody Ellison and Melody’s Recording Studio, the characters continue on down through the decades—including Nanea Mitchell, Kit Kittredge, Rebecca Rubin, Kaya, even Molly McIntire featuring Molly’s Birthday Bundle. Plus, as part of our 35th anniversary celebration, we brought back favorites like Josefina Montoya, Addy Walker, and Samantha Parkington.