American Girl Books

BeForever™ Books

American Girl’s BeForever series spotlights the stories of heroic girls who lived long ago. Through all the changes that turned their worlds upside down—wartime, immigration, clashes of culture and class—they discover the things that truly matter to girls of all times, like helping others, being a true friend, and standing up for what’s right. The BeForever line also includes historical mysteries filled with suspense, and a series of multi-ending “Journey” books, each narrated by a girl from today who goes back in time to meet and share experiences with a BeForever character.

Girl of the Year™ Books

The Girl of the Year contemporary fiction books explore the many ways girls can follow their passions to make a difference. Whether starting a business, working to save the arts and environment, or exploring whole new countries and cultures, each girl finds her own way to make the world a better place. With a new Girl of the Year character introduced every January, readers can enjoy new adventures and explore what it means to be a girl today.

Advice and Activities Books

American Girl Advice and Activity books speak to the hearts and minds of girls ages 8 and up. Subjects range from school smarts to cooking and craft projects; from dealing with drama to taming worries; from boys to babysitting to body care. With over 38 million Advice & Activity books sold, including more than 6 million copies of The Care & Keeping of You series, American Girl is there to guide tween girls through this wonderful and sometimes challenging time in their lives.

Truly Me™ Books

The contemporary Truly Me activity books provide a girl with unique ways of expressing creativity in her relationships, experiences, and personal style. Quizzes, puzzles, and girl-and-doll activities are designed to empower girls and help build their self-esteem through self-expression—encouraging them to explore, discover, and celebrate who they truly are.

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