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American Girl Maryellen's Living Room Set

Maryellen's Living Room Set

Ages: 8+
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  • Product Features

    Families in the 1950s would gather in the living room to relax, read the newspaper, or watch a favorite TV show together. This set includes:

    • A three-tiered “boomerang” table that was a popular style at the time
    • A fun yellow lamp with a seashell-inspired scalloped base and a two-tiered shade—and it really lights up!
    • A mini reproduction of TV Guide Magazine (to let Maryellen know when The Lone Ranger is on!)
    • A newspaper from Maryellen's town
    • A figurine of a poodle wearing '50s-style glasses

    SKU #: CMC54
    • Adult assembly required.
    • Lamp requires 3 button-cell batteries, included.