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American Girl Mix & Match Garden Pets

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Mix & Match Garden Pets

Ages: 5+
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    Kendall's every waking moment is spent tinkering and building things, and she has upcycled these household items to build pets for the garden. Each piece has holes or pegs to help it fit together with other items. Kendall's creative collection can build a dog, cat, duck, or elephant—she's not sure which one she loves more! This set includes:

    • A happy watering can; it can serve as an elephant's head!
    • A birdhouse mailbox; it makes a great torso
    • 12 tree stump pieces that serve well as legs
    • 8 "eyes"made of bottle caps and bottle tops
    • 4 cans and 4 can lids
    • 3 felt leaves
    • 2 pom-pom noses, one with whiskers
    • 2 felt flower eyes
    • A lotion bottle
    • A small rake and shovel; they make good tails
    • 4 sewing buttons
    • 4 bolt-shaped pegs
    • A zippered storage bag

    SKU #: FCR51

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