A little heart a lot of love
Bitty Baby Love

Little girls love to mimic mommy moments—from kisses and cuddles to icing the cake for a first birthday party. The simple goodness of Bitty Baby gives purpose to playtime, inspiring the love and caring that will help her carry kindness in her heart.

Bring home Bitty Baby
Encourage a lifetime of caring
Bitty Baby Caring

She’s a kisser of “owies” and a snuggle-bug who sings lullabies at naptime. Children who incorporate nurturing behaviors into their play are the ones who carry kindness in their hearts always. Bitty Baby’s world is full of ways to play out classic moments from feeding to stroller rides that teach her the essential value of nurturing.

Fill her world with play
Wrapped up in comfort
Bitty Baby Comfort

Newborns feel snug and safe when they’re swaddled. Our how-to video shows her how to swaddle her Bitty Baby doll with simple, step-by-step directions.

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