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WellieWishers friendships

The WellieWishers are five girls with very different personalities who learn to play together. As your girl starts to make her own first friendships, these characters help her discover how empathy, kindness, and compassion make her a good friend.

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Here's Emerson Here's Camille Here's Ashlyn Here's Willa Here's Kendall
Emerson Emerson
Camille Camille
Ashlyn Ashlyn
Willa Willa
Kendall Kendall
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She's curious and full of ideas—just like the WellieWishers. By partnering with award-winning authors, we've created a library of whimsically illustrated books that are just right for early readers.

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Join the WellieWishers as they imagine, sing, dream, and discover how to be kind friends. Our animated series brings the friends to life with sweet storylines inspired by the early reader books. Available only on Amazon Prime video.

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