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American Girl Gabriela Speaks Out

Gabriela Speaks Out

Ages: 8+
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    Gabriela’s second novel picks up where her first left off. Her best friend may be going to another school, but Gabriela is determined to make sixth grade the best year ever! She’s even ready to stand up to confident and intimidating Aaliyah Reade-Johnson if she makes fun of Gabriela for her stutter. What she isn’t ready for is Sixth Grade Initiation—a series of pranks the older kids play on the sixth graders. Gabriela could stop the tradition if she wins the school election...but Aaliyah is running, too, which means Gabriela’s chances for victory are slim. Can Gabriela find the courage to stand on her own, speak out for change, and do what seems impossible? 192 pages. Paperback. Author: Teresa E. Harris.

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