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Tenney's Stage & Dressing Room

Tenney's Stage & Dressing Room

Ages: 8+
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  • Product Features

    Tenney is so excited to perform her music. She can get ready for her show in the dressing room, then take the stage to play her guitar! This 2-in-1 play set features a stage on one side and dressing room on the other, and includes:

    • A stage with walls and a floor where Tenney performs her music
    • 2 spotlights that really work, plus 4 colored inserts to change the mood
    • An amplifier that plays a song and crowd applause, a microphone, and a guitar stand
    • A cord that connects the amplifier to your audio device (not included)
    • A tambourine Tenney can really hold
    • A set of stage curtains
    • 4 music posters and 4 frames
    • An On Air sign that lights up
    • A dressing table and chair for getting ready for the show
    • Pretend makeup compact and puff
    • A hair clip that was a gift from her sister
    • Faux flower bouquet in a vase
    • Pretend sandwich, grapes, water bottle, and plate
    • Two floor rugs
    • A cozy robe
    • A robe hook, guitar hook, and hanger
    • Two show tickets
        • Guitar, banjo, and electronic music player not included.
        • Cannot be gift wrapped.
        • American Girl's company name and address, plus the product description, will appear on the shipping box.
        SKU #: DVM10
    • Button-cell batteries included. Also requires 4 AA and 3 AAA batteries, not included. Adult assembly required.
    • W: 23" x H: 38" x D: 14.5" (US)
    • W 58.4 cm x H: 96.5 cm x D: 36.8 cm (metric)

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