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American Girl Chicken & Coop

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Chicken & Coop

Ages: 5+
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  • Product Features

    Every morning in Aunt Miranda’s garden, the WellieWishers visit the chicken coop, where the chicken clucks a cheerful greeting! This set includes:

    • A sunny yellow coop with a drop-down ramp complete with chicken footprints and a hinged roof that opens for playtime
    • A fluffy plush chicken with a bright-red comb
    • A nest containing a cluster of pretend eggs
    • A “Chicken Coop” sign that hangs on the door
    • To keep the chicken well-fed, a feeder that attaches to the coop
    • A weathervane featuring a bright-red chicken that really turns
    • An apron with a cute embroidered chick; it has roomy pockets for the eggs the WellieWishers gather!

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