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American Girl Cozy-Up Cocoa Stand

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Cozy Up Cocoa Stand

Ages: 5+
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  • Product Features

    This is the WellieWishers’ favorite gathering spot after ice skating! This cute set includes everything they need to feel toasty warm inside. It includes:

    • A stand, perched on top of a snowy faux-brick wall
    • A bench where the WellieWishers can sit and chat over their cocoa
    • A winter wreath with a chalkboard in the center; a cocoa menu is written on it
    • A colorful streamer to decorate the stand
    • Two mugs of pretend cocoa with whipped cream
    • A pretend can of whipped cream
    • A cocoa canister
    • An insulated container the dolls can hold
    • Four felt acorns—the WellieWishers use them to “pay” for their cocoa!
    • A cookie bag with a pretend cookie; it has a cute fox face in frosting
    • A carton of pretend milk

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