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American Girl Rebecca 3-Book Boxed Set

Rebecca 3-Book Boxed Set

Ages: 8+
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    Girls can enjoy adventures with Rebecca Rubin in this three-book boxed set. They’ll discover what life was like living in a row house in New York City, sharing important traditions with Rebecca’s Russian Jewish family, and participating in a singing performance that ends in a flag-waving surprise. They’ll take a trip to a movie studio to see a scene come together, learn a valuable lesson at an amusement park, and be inspired by a girl who speaks up to make things better. Then they’ll travel back in time with Rebecca in an exciting story that lets them choose what happens next! Paperback. Author: Jacqueline Dembar Greene. Ages 8+

    The set includes The Sound of Applause: A Rebecca Classic 1; Lights, Camera, Rebecca!: A Rebecca Classic 2; and The Glow of the Spotlight: My Journey with Rebecca.

    SKU #: BKF37