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American Girl Tenney's Journal Kit for Girls

Tenney's Journal Kit for Girls

Ages: 8+
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  • Product Features

    Whether your girl loves writing, art, music, or all of the above, she'll adore this Tenney-inspired set that will let her creativity run wild. It includes:

    • A keepsake box with colorful artwork, a magnetic closure, and an inspirational message inside the lid
    • A colorful journal that matches Tenney's journal
    • Two pretty floral pencils with Tenney's name
    • Two tambourine-shaped erasers
    • 10 music-inspired postcards
    • 10 doll-sized posters with different pre-printed backgrounds; they fit inside the frames included in Tenney's Stage & Dressing Room (sold separately)
    • 3 sheets of Tenney-inspired stickers; they can be used to decorate the posters and journal
    • A stationery pad with a floral design and 10 matching envelopes
    • A stamping kit, including a special roller stamp set with interchangeable drums, three Tenney-themed stampers, and three custom-color ink pads

    SKU #: FCL18