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American Girl Nanea's Family Market

Nanea's Family Market

Ages: 8+
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    In her stories, Nanea loves to help out at her grandparents’ Hawaiian market! Inspire hours of imaginative play re-creating a 1940s shopping experience, with plenty of pretend food and souvenirs to arrange and rearrange. This set includes:

    • A wooden store that swings open to reveal a bay window and shelves
    • A movable counter
    • A 1940s-style cash register with a drawer that opens and numbers that pop up
    • A 15-piece pretend paper money set with “Hawaii” printed on the front, just like the real thing from World War Two
    • Three colorful faux-flower leis
    • Three bolts of fabric in Hawaiian prints
    • A reversible open/closed sign for the window
    • A variety of paper price signs and 3 holders for the shelves
    • Three miniature Honolulu Star Bulletin newspapers
    • A pair of Hawaiian slippers
    • A pair of souvenir shoes with “carved” soles
    • Two shoe stands to display them on
    • A souvenir coconut purse with a painted face
    • A decorative Hawaii plate and display stand
    • Three paper shopping bags
    • 15 Hawaiian postcards and a display rack for the checkout counter
    • A produce crate
    • Six cans of SPAM®—a favorite Hawaiian wartime food
    • Three pineapples, a bunch of mangoes, and two bunches of dragon fruit
    • Five cans of macadamia nuts and three cans of pineapple
    • Two fabric bags of rice
    • A sticker sheet of posters to decorate the store walls

    • All food items are pretend.
    • Cannot be gift wrapped.
    SKU #: FFC24
    • W: 16" x H: 23" x D: 7"
      W: 40.6 cm x 58.4 cm x 17.8 cm (metric)
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