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American Girl Doll Pets

Doll Pets

Ages: 8+
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    Does her doll love pets of every kind? Does she make friends with everything furry, finny, and feathery? How about animals that oink, whinny, or hop? With this kit, girls can help their dolls get all set to adopt any number of favorite pets! Inside, they’ll find advice, activities, and accessories to make having a pet a paws-itively wonderful experience. From leashes and litter trays to training and tricks, their dolls will be completely equipped for purrrr-fect pet adventures! Includes a 32-page how-to book, nine pom-poms for pets, seven sheets of punch-out card stock for pet accessories, faux pet treats, a port-a-pet house, animal masks, a hamster condo, a litter box, and event accessories—plus craft items, sticker sheets, and more! 32 pages. Kit. Author: Trula Magruder.

    SKU #: CLT65