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Tenney in the Key of Friendship
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Tenney in the Key of Friendship

Ages: 8+
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    Tenney lands a big opportunity to perform her music at a major music festival. But there’s a catch: It takes place at the same time as a big event that's very important to her best friend. To make matters worse, Tenney’s manager has paired her up with Logan, a drummer with a lot of talent—and big attitude. Logan seems determined to “fix” every song that Tenney has written, which shakes her confidence. As Tenney gets caught up in writing and performing, it fuels tension with her best friend, who feels left behind. Tenney worries that she’s losing everything that is important to her—even her love of songwriting. Can she find a way to prove to herself that her heart is in the right place? Author: Kellen Hertz. 192 pages. Paperback.

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