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Give the gift of wow

Give the gift of wow




    Second-to-none spaces in

    The Community Center

    See how its design brings everything—and everyone—together

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    Water bottles can always stay full with a make-believe dispenser

    The fun flips from front to back for twice the play time

    Friends can get cozy on the comfy couch featuring funky fabrics

    Snacks and drinks go inside, and stickers decorate the outside of the refrigerator


    First-class features of

    American Girl Air Lines

    Imagination takes wing inside our jet cabin filled with fun

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    View of the inside of the beverage cart

    Food and drinks of every flavor are always at the ready

    View of window scenery

    Removable window screens change the view from day to night

    View of passenger seating area and entertainment

    The reclining seat and footrest offer cruising in comfort

    View of TV screens

    Entertainment includes 4 screens that light up and make sounds




    Innovative ingredients of the

    American Girl Kitchen

    Well-stocked and welcoming, this kitchen is the perfect spot to enjoy good food with friends

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    View of the inside of refrigerator

    Lights up inside to show all the food and drink

    Animation of stove turning on and off

    Changes color and “dings” when pie or pizza is done

    View of ice cube dispenser

    Dispenses two ice cubes with a matching sound

    View of sink and included accessories

    Includes more than 60 pieces in all for hours of play


    The perkiest parts of the

    American Girl Coffee Shop

    Drink in all the delicious details of our hip hangout

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    Pink and red RC cars



    The checkout screens actually change when one of the pretend cards goes in the swiper

    The bakery case keeps faux treats fresh and features printed woodgrain detail

    Espresso-machine sound effects and colorful accessories offer a feast for the senses

    So roomy—the backside of the counter fits two stools side by side


    Discover unique gifts to “wow” your girl, including many of the best gifts for 2021! Our list of gift ideas starts with the American Girl Air Lines play set. More top gifts for girls include Courtney’s Ultimate Collection, the American Girl Kitchen, and the AG™ RC Sports Car. Need more ideas for the best gifts for girls? Check off presents from her wish list with gifts for girls age 8+ and gifts over $100.