Let what's true shine through
Truly Me Sports

When being a good sport means as much as being good at sports...
When sharing your talents can range from culinary arts to the performing ones...
When you know style is about so much more than what you wear...
...it's time for Truly Me™, a celebration of all girls and what makes each one of a kind!

Choose the friend that expresses exactly who your girl is
Grow your girl's belief in herself
Truly Me Books

Learning through play isn't the only way for girls to build faith in their own feelings and future. By partnering with pediatricians and child-development experts, we've created a whole library of advice and activities to strengthen her spirit—from dealing with bullies to succeeding in school to navigating new experiences.

Explore the books that help girls become their best selves
Bring to life what she's always imagined
Truly Me Create Your Own

The right eyes. And face. And hairstyle. Plus, just the right outfit to show a love of dance...or soccer or math or so many other interests! The Create Your Own experience lets every girl express individuality from head to toe—and with whatever's in her heart.

Create exactly the one she dreams of