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A Smart Girl's Guide: Worry

Ages: 8+
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    Every girl worries about something from time to time. Maybe it’s an argument with a friend, or a big test, or a performance in front of a crowd. Maybe it’s her body. Maybe it’s even something fun, like a slumber party or overnight camp—or something reallly big, like moving away or her parents’ divorce. For many girls, worries can get in the way of enjoying life. This book can help. In these pages, a girl can learn tried-and-true ways to overcome fears and create a sense of calm. She can take quizzes to discover more about herself and her concerns, and read advice from real girls who found ways to deal with their own worries. The book is packed with proven techniques for handling worry and creating confidence—freeing her to be the girl she’s meant to be. 96 pages. Paperback. Authors: Nancy Holyoke; Judy Woodburn.

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    • Winner of a 2016 National Parenting Product Award
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