American Girl books

Adventures, advice, and activities for every interest

American Girl Books. Story by New York Times bestselling author Brit Bennett.

Julie and the Blue Guitar

A graphic novel that weaves together past
and present to solve a mystery

The Care and Keeping of You

Guidance for growing girls

Special 25th anniversary edition. New & updated.

Smart Girl's Guide books

Helping girls navigate today's world

Girl of the Year

Inspiring bright tomorrows for girls today

Historical Characters

Timeless stories, endless adventures

World by Us

Uplifting stories about making a difference

Advice and Activities

How-tos and to-dos featuring fun to grow on


Fantastic tales about first friendships

Award winners

All of our praiseworthy page-turners

Love the Earth

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American Girl® books

American Girl® books offer inspiration and insight for every interest and age—including books for ages 8+ and books for ages 10+. With historical character stories, our Smart Girl’s Guide™ series, The Care & Keeping of™ You books, plus more advice and activities, you can find something perfect for the reader in your life.