Historical Characters: Teaching girls about history and who they want to be

Julie, 1974

Embraces change with determination and positivity

The American Girls Collection

Kirsten, Addy, and Josefina return with special-edition books and outfits from the early days of American Girl

Isabel and Nicki, 1999

Twins who express their girl power and individuality

Courtney, 1986

Realizes that a hero needs to be brave and bold

Melody, 1964

Lifts her voice for fairness and equality

Maryellen, 1954

Champions self-expression and staying true to yourself

Molly, 1944

Shows what it means to put others first and lead

Nanea, 1941

Embraces her aloha spirit of helping

Kit, 1934

Weathers hard times with hope and determination

Claudie, 1922

Finds the confidence to take risks and dream big

Rebecca, 1914

Shines a spotlight on courage and compassion

Kaya, 1764

Respects the environment and protects the Earth

More stories that inspire

More stories that inspire

Samantha, 1904

A rebel with a hairbow who proves generosity is always in fashion

Addy, 1864

A courageous girl who loves to learn and wins the spelling bee

Josefina, 1824

A caring soul who learns that kindness really is the best medicine

Kirsten, 1854

An adventurer who discovers that feeling at home takes time

Essential reading

Learn more about our historical characters inspiring backgrounds

Essential reading

Learn more about our historical characters inspiring backgrounds


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Historical Characters

American Girl® is famous for our historical characters—including, twins Isabel and Nicki Hoffman™ from 1999 and Claudie Wells™ from 1922! These 18-inch dolls explore important times in America’s past. Each of these dolls for ages 8 and up includes a world of imagination. From 1980s girl Courtney Moore™, featuring Courtney’s™ Bedroom Set, to 1970s girl Julie Albright™ and Julie’s™ Groovy Bathroom to 1960s girl Melody Ellison™ and Melody’s™ Recording Studio, the characters continue on down through the decades—including Nanea Mitchell™Kit Kittredge™Rebecca Rubin™Kaya™,, even Molly McIntire™ featuring Molly’s™ Birthday Bundle. In 2024, we brought back special-edition birthday outfits and classic books featuring beloved characters Josefina Montoya™, Addy Walker™, and Kirsten Larson™ from our American Girls Collection™.