Assembly Instructions

Historical characters

Addy's™ Bed (CKB98)

Addy's™ Bed and Accessories (CKB99)

Caroline's™ Bed & Bedding (F1348)

Caroline's™ Parlor (F1368)

Caroline's™ Skiff (F1356)

Cecile's™ Bed and Bedding (G1498)

Claudie's™ Bed (HJR06)

Josefina's™ Bed (CKB92)

Isabel's™ Bed & Floral Dreams Bedding Set (HNR81)

Isabel™ & Nicki's™ 2-in-1 Tennis Court and Skate Spot (HNR77)

Julie's™ Basketball Accessories (DXP04)

Julie's™ Basketball Court (GMF88)

Julie's™ Bed: NEW 2015 (CKB87)

Julie's™ Bed & Bedding (F6332)

Julie's™ Bedside Table & Shag Rug (GHR38)

Julie's™ Car Wash Set (F0443)

Julie's™ Christmas Fireplace (GDV66)

Julie's™ Egg Chair Set (BKD69)

Julie's™ Groovy Bathroom (DYK04)

Julie's™ Groovy Bed & Bedding (GHR39)

Julie's™ Pinball Machine (GDW97)

Julie's™ Vanity Set (CKB88)

Kaya's™ Mare, Steps High & Saddle (GLJ46)

Kaya's™ Tepee (T6559)

Kit's™ Bed (CKB89)

Kit's™ Radio Set (CKB90)

Kit's™ Treehouse (F6589)

Isabel™ & Nicki's™ Computer & Desk Set (HNR85)

Maryellen's™ Airstream® Travel Trailer (FNN15)

Maryellen's™ Campfire Cooking Set (FNN14)

Maryellen's™ Jukebox (CMC59)

Maryellen's™ Living Room Set (CMC54)

Maryellen's™ Ready to Launch Rocket Set (GDV72)

Maryellen's™ Seaside Diner (GLJ42)

Maryellen's™ Sofa (CMC57)

Maryellen's™ TV (CMC56)

Maryellen's™ Party Punch (DRK91)

Maryellen's™ Refrigerator & Food Set (DRK93)

Melody's™ Bed & Bedding (DKH85)

Melody's™ Bedroom Accessories (DKH86)

Melody's™ Electric Piano (DKM87)

Melody's™ Microphone Set (DKH91)

Melody's™ Recording Studio (DKH92)

Melody's™ Table & Chairs (DKH89)

Molly's™ Bed and Bedding (F0460)

Molly's™ Camp Tent (F5816)

Nanea's™ 1940s Radio (FNN06)

Nanea's™ Bed and Hawaiian Quilt (FFC25)

Nanea's™ Hula Implements (FFC20)

Nanea's™ Island Fishing Set (FFC22)

Nanea's™ Shave Ice Shop (FNN07)

Nicki's™ Bed & Animal Print Bedding Set (HNR82)

Rebecca's™ Bed (CKB95)

Rebecca's™ Bed and Bedding NEW (GJH68)

Rebecca's™ Bed and Bedding (F9702)

Samantha's™ Bed and Bedding (BKD50)

Samantha's™ Ice Cream Parlor (BKD53)

Samantha's™ Garden Gazebo (CHG82)

Girl of the Year™

Blaire's™ Family Farm Restaurant (GBL40)

Corinne™ & Gwynn's™ Bedroom Set (HCN03)

Corinne's™ Ski & Snack Shop (HCM99)

Corinne's™ Ski Lodge Fire Pit (HCN00)

Luciana's™ Mars Habitat (FMC80)

Gabriela's™ Colorful Cupcake Set (FGT95)

Gabriela's™ Loft Bed (FDX34)

Gabriela's™ Performance Case (DVM03)

Gabriela's™ Showtime Kit (DVM08)

Grace's™ French Bakery (CGD23)

Grace's™ Mixer (CGD21)

Isabelle's™ Bun Helper (F7565)

Isabelle's™ Hair Extensions (F7323)

Joss's™ Volkswagen Surf Bus (GKX52)

Joss™ Doll & Book (GKX53)

Joss's™ Surf Board Set (GKX62)

Kanani's™ Shave Ice Stand (T6378)

Kavi's™ Backstage Set (HMJ09)

Kavi's™ Songwriting Accessories (HMC11)

Kira's™ Animal Exam (GWY78)

Kira's™ Comfy Camping Accessories (GVF53)

Kira's™ Comfy Platform Tent (GVF54)

Lanie's™ Camper and Gear (G0740)

Lanie's™ Hammock Set (G0749)

Lea's™ Fruit Stand (DGT31)

Lea's™ Ocean Kayak Set (DGT29)

Lea's™ Rainforest House (DGT30)

McKenna's™ Beam and Bar (W0728)

McKenna's™ Loft Bed Set (W0738)

Saige's™ Hot Air Balloon Set (F2261)

Saige's™ Horse (F2257)

Saige's™ Painting Set (F2231)

Truly Me™

Adventure Campfire Set (DNX98)

Adventure Pop-Up Camper (DNX70)

Adventure Tent (DNX71)

All-Star Hockey Set for 18-inch Dolls (GDX21)

American Girl® Air Lines (GWN92)

American Girl® Birthday Party™ Set (GDX56)

American Girl® Bowling Alley (GDX27)

American Girl® Dolled Up™ Salon Chair (HHR48)

American Girl® Dolled Up™ Salon Station (HHR49)

American Girl® Grand Hotel (FKM88)

American Girl® Grill & Games Set Hotel (HJF69)

American Girl® Horse (F1746)

American Girl® Hotel & Spa (HHR50)

American Girl® Kitchen (GNB65)

American Girl® Living Room (HJF68)

American Girl® Pet Boutique (GMB27)

American Girl® RC Sports Car (FRL47)

American Girl® Stable (FGG38)

Baby Grand Piano (W0549)

Bathroom Vanity for Dolls (G1747)

Beach Cabana Set (G0499)

Bouquet Bed Set (G0636)

Custom Closet (20486)

Camp Bunk Bed Set (F9400)

Color Change Highlights Styling Set for 18-inch Dolls (GDW60)

Dive Into Fun Pool Set (HNM20)

Entertainment Set (CMV16)

Extra Bunk and Bedding (F9402)

Floral Bed and Bedding (DNJ67)

Fresh and Clean Shower (W0583)

Full of Flavor Table (HMF28)

Full of Ice Cream Truck (HMF25)

Get Outside Camper (HGL95)

Great Outdoors Tent (W0914)

Gourmet Kitchen Set (DRG50)

Gymnastics Set (F7732)

Hair Tools Instructions (CLF70)

Luxury Dollhouse (20056)

Nightstand and Lamp Set (F8772)

Palomino Horse (F0704)

Pet Trailer (W0916)

Pizza Party Set Blokus Game (CGL83)

Popcorn Machine (CMV14)

Prancing Horse (BKH36)

Pretty City Carriage (BKH68)

Salon Chair & Wrap Set (DRG55)

Salon Station for Girls (G0030)

School Locker Set (F0745)

Science Fair Instructions (CLF72)

Snow Much Fun Set (F6192)

Splendid Waffle Cone Set (HMF27)

Stable and Supplies (V6029)

Starry Doll Holder (F3518)

Sunset Sleepover Tent (G0653)

True Blue Scooter & Sidecar (HFY16)

Truly Blue Hairstyling Caddy (DRG57)

Volcano Lab Set (FRL42)

Winter Chalet (F1713)

Xbox® Gaming Set (FRH97)

Contemporary characters

Logan's Rhythmic Drum Set (DYL68)

Tenney's Accessories (DVM05)

Tenney's Banjo (DVM07)

Tenney's Stage & Dressing Room (DVM10)

Z's Media Kit (FGT98)


Garden Theater Stage (DNG52)

Love & Caring Carriage (DRK37)

Magic Theater Play Tent for Girls (DRK40)

Playful Garden Washtub Set (DXX04)

Royal Canopy Bed (HMJ74)

Seashell Salon Set (HNX32)

Star Gazing Garden Tent Set(GNC01)

WellieWishers™ Treehouse Castle (HHD39)

Bitty Baby™

Bitty Baby™ Bottle Warmer Set (DXX03)

Bitty Baby™ Kitchen (HMG77)

Bitty Baby™ Lights & Sound Monitor (DXX02)

Baby's Changing Table: NEW 2015 (CMG49)

Baby's Changing Table (G0092)

Baby's Changing Table: NEW 2017 (FGN05)

Baby's Crib (V5946)

Baking with Bitty™ (HMG78)

Bitty Baby's™ Bottle Warming Set (HMG79)

Bitty's™ Shopping Cart & Groceries (HGW07)

Baby's Stroller (V8087)

Bassinet Stroller (GYL65)

Bitty Baby® Contemporary Crib (GYL61)

Bitty's™ Double Stroller (DRK32)

Bitty's™ Holiday Keepsake Set (DRL46)

Bitty's™ Let's Go Potty Set (HFW04)

Bitty's™ Rocking Cradle (CMG47)

Bitty's™ Rocking Cradle: NEW 2017 (FGN03)

Bitty's™ Toy Garden (DRK33)

Bitty's™ Washer & Dryer Set (DRK35)

Breakfast for Bitty™ Set (HGW08)

Changing Table (GFY00)

Classic High Chair (F9159)

Double Stoller (GHY61)

Dots & Blooms Changing Table with Storage (GYL62)

Imagine and Play Tent (BKG89)

Jogging Stroller (GDY18)

Little Bitty Baby™ Crib & Sleeper Set (HNM24)

Little Bitty Baby™ Double Stroller Set (HNM25)

Little Bitty Baby™ Layette & High Chair Set (HPJ89)

Mommy's Doll Carrier (GYL56)

Musical Mobile (GDY14)

Rocking Cradle (GDY17)

Storytime Chair (DRK34)

Sweet Dreams Crib (F6303)

Bitty Twins™

Bitty Baby™ Bottle Warmer Set (DXX03)

Trundle Bed and Bedding (G1918)


Bears Sew Stuff Kit (DYD86)

Doll Tote (F5043)

Hogwarts™ Express Train (HNY50)

Hogwarts™ Sorting Hat™ and Nimbus 2000™ (HJR42)

Tie-Dye Scarf Kit (DYC57)

Play and Display Stand (F6569)

Pom Pom Scarves (DYD89)