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Girl of the Year™

Every Girl of the Year™ character highlights themes important to girls today. Our 2024 Girl of the Year™, Lila Monetti™, hopes to shine at gymnastics, as well as in her new love for horseback riding. Our 2023 Girl of the Year, Kavi Sharma™, tries to balance schoolwork with her dreams of starring on stage. Those dreams come to life with Kavi's Bollywood Dance Costume for 18-inch dolls and Kavi's Backstage Set. Our Girl of the Year™ 2022, Corinne Tan™, seeks adventure in the mountains while dealing with family issues at home. In Corinne Book 1, Corinne's dog, Flurry, trains to be a rescue animal. Corinne’s world includes all kinds of imaginative play, like Corinne's Bedroom.