Pick out the perfect presents
and party favors for her birthday
Dress alike in sweet outfits for all kinds of occasions
Who's hungry? Help baby grow up strong with everything she needs!
Choose from cute and cozy outfits for every outing and occasion
Pack up her supplies in preparation for a day of exploration
Bring home make-believe moments from a world of fun
Tuck her into bed so she can dream of more fun tomorrow
Find all the necessities to care for and nurture her

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If you’re looking for baby dolls for girls 18 months and up, then Bitty Baby is the one for you! Kindness meets cuteness with these newborn baby dolls that feature a whole world of fun. From baby doll dresses to accessories for baby dolls—like a baby doll carrier, a baby doll high chair, baby doll strollers, baby doll cribs, and even more baby doll furniture play sets—your little one will enjoy endless doll baby play. Plus, you can double the love by bringing home Bitty Baby Twins!