A while ago, when I first considered writing this book, I had the chance to talk to Connie Porter on the phone. It was thrilling to speak to a writer who wrote books that I loved so much when I was little. Did she know, I wanted to ask, how important her books were to generations of girls? But before we hung up, Ms. Porter said, “Maybe one day, thirty years from now, a girl who read your book will call to tell you she’s a writer now.” And you know what? I hope to hear from you then.

—New York Times bestselling author and Claudie series creator Brit Bennet


hi !

hi !

Prep table includes hooks for utensils and a lower shelf for extra storage
Three-tiered bakery case and checkout counter sports a gold logo
Built-in wall oven features a lever that opens the door when it's time to bake
Plus all the delicious details a bakery needs, like toppings and fillings

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