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Courtney Moore™ is the best gamer in the arcade. But in the real world, she needs to learn a thing or two before she can unleash her inner hero.

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Courtney™ Doll & Book
Courtney’s™ Accessories
Courtney’s™ PAC-MAN™ Arcade Game

Did you know? After its release in 1980, PAC-MAN™ became the most successful video game of all time.

Research is at the heart of crafting each of our characters’ stories. For Courtney, a team of editors, our in-house historian, and the series author worked together to bring the ’80s to life.

Courtney™ Doll & Book
Courtney’s™ T-Shirt & Tank Set for 18-inch Dolls
Courtney’s™ Cardigan for 18-inch Dolls
Courtney’s™ Leggings Set for 18-inch Dolls
Courtney’s™ Skirt & Suspenders for 18-inch Dolls

Did you know? The mall where Courtney hangs out is inspired by the Galleria in San Fernando Valley, where the term “valley girls” originated.

Courtney shows her determination in heart and mind—and body. The ’80s were filled with fitness fads, and Courtney can’t wait to pump it up!

Courtney’s Fitness Outfit
Courtney’s TV & Fitness Accessories
Courtney’s™ Accessories
Courtney’s stepsister (Truly Me™ Doll #25)

Did you know? Fitness sensations made a major impact on fashion, including the popularity of leotards and leg-warmers like Courtney wears.

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As part of the American Girl historical characters line, Courtney Moore takes girls on an imaginative flashback to the 1980s! This 18-inch doll features a world of fun, including Courtney’s Bedroom Set, Courtney’s Pleasant Company Doll, Courtney’s PAC-MAN Arcade, and even Courtney’s Ultimate Collection, filled with all the favorites from her world. Plus, her story is told in two books: Courtney Changes the Game and the Courtney: Friendship Superhero book.