Ages 8+

Kaya’s™ Adventures Gift Set (Historical Characters)

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This collection includes everything girls need to play out Kaya’s adventures! Kaya is a Nez Perce girl growing up in the 1760s Pacific Northwest. Though her fearless spirit gets her into and out of trouble, her courage will someday help her become a leader of her people.


Kaya™ Doll & Book: The 18” Kaya doll has lifelike deep-brown eyes that open and close smoothly, and realistic long, shiny black hair. She comes in a soft faux-deerskin dress, matching moccasins, and faux-leather hair ties at the bottom of her braids and faux-shell hair ties at the top. Also includes The Journey Begins paperback book, the first in her series.

Kaya’s™ Accessories: A cornhusk bag, a belt pouch, a faux-porcupine-quill necklace, a faux-bison horn cup, and a bison-hunt illustration

Kaya’s™ Trading Outfit: A faux-deerskin dress with a colorful belt and a pair of lace-up moccasins

Kaya’s™ Winter Accessories: A cape of faux rabbit hides sewn together, faux-fur-trimmed moccasins and mittens, and a hood with real feathers and faux-fur trim

Kaya’s™ Dog, Tatlo: Kaya’s puppy has plush fur and intelligent eyes

Kaya’s™ Second Book: Smoke on the Wind

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Kaya’s™ Adventures Gift Set (Historical Characters)