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American Girl Gopher & Watering Can

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Gopher & Watering Can

Ages: 5+
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  • Product Features

    The WellieWishers know that their gopher is a bit of a troublemaker in Aunt Miranda’s garden, but they like him anyway, even when he helps himself to their snacks! Norman has soft gray fur and twinkling eyes. He comes with a cheery orange watering can.

    SKU #: FLN00
    • Gopher: H: 4" x W: 2" x D: 2" (US)
      H: 10.2 cm x W: 5.1 cm x D: 5.1 cm (metric)

      Watering Can: H: 3.5" x W: 2.25" x D: 5.25" (US)
      H: 8.9 cm x W: 5.7 cm x D: 13.3 cm (metric)