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Meet Kira Bailey, Girl of the Year 2021, Animals in need have a friend indeed



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    Watch a read-along with the Kira series author
    Wild about animals

    When Kira gets the chance to care for animals at her aunts’ wildlife park in Australia, it’s a dream come true—and the koalas, wombats, and kangaroos need all the help they can get!


    Kira™ Doll & Book

    Kira’s Accessories

    Kira’s Kangaroo & Joey

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    Care for all creatures

    At the wildlife rescue clinic, Kira learns everything from bottle-feeding to cage cleaning. But her biggest lesson is that loving animals also requires a willingness to let them go.


    Kira’s Wildlife Rescue Set

    Kira’s Animal Exam Table

    Kira’s Koala

    Preview all the ways to play with the exam table


    Kira doll, koala plush, and exam table

    Kira can examine her patients with multiple medical devices

    Close up of computer screen

    The screen lights up and plays more than 40 sound clips with care tips

    Wagon, koala, binoculars, bandages

    When it’s time for a rescue, Kira fills her wagon with all the essentials

    Kira doll hugging koala plush

    The exam table offers plenty of space for Kira to administer TLC


    Making new mates

    On an outing with her new friend Alexis, Kira tests their bond when she mistakenly releases some baby wombats. Can the girls rescue the animals—and their friendship, too?


    Kira’s Comfy Platform Tent

    Kira’s Comfy Camping Accessories

    Kira's Comfy Camping Outfit

    Kira’s Friend (Truly Me™ Doll #55)


    Doll camera and polaroids

    At bush camp, Kira loves to take photos of the Australian wildlife

    Kira and Alexis dolls sitting in chairs

    Kira and Alexis say “Cheers, mate!” in matching sling-back chairs

    Wash basin and accessories

    Even in the wilderness, Kira can enjoy the comforts of home

    Kira doll and koala laying on cot

    Camping out is always cuddlier with a furry friend by your side