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Make Her Birthday the Best Yet


An in-store birthday party at the American Girl Cafes and Bistros is always an exciting way to celebrate your daughter’s special day and an easy party to plan. Just make your reservation!

Not close enough to one of our many locations? Don’t fret! Beyond giving the perfect presents, you can make her doll dreams come true right in your own home. As the party planning gets started, try these ideas to make her day fan-official.

Berry Bright

Decorate the party space in American Girl’s signature berry color. Balloons, cups, napkins, and centerpieces will be eye-popping pretty in our favorite hue.

Big and Litle

An American Girl party wouldn’t be complete if dolls weren’t in attendance. Encourage the darling duos to dress alike. And make sure each girl’s mini-me feels welcome by serving birthday treats in girl- and doll-size portions.

Get Crafty

With books and kits filled with crafts just right for the DIY girl, there are no better activities for an American Girl party than those that let guests be creative. 

Cafe Cue

Follow the design of the American Girl Cafe located at our flagship stores, and pair up the berry with black-and-white striped tablecloths and paper plates.

Box it Up

If you already have an American Girl fan in, then you’re sure to have a few of our beautiful boxes. Instead of letting them sit in the closet, use them to create decorative levels on a buffet table so that food served sits beautifully at different heights.

What a Character

Is your daughter a fan of Kit? Or is Julie her fave? Or maybe she’s all about the newest girl, MaryEllen? Whomever she loves most, let our historical character’s stories set the scene of the party. Let guests know the era of the event and ask them to dress up to match or provide fun props for them to wear when they arrive.

Start planning her special day now.


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