American Girl Doll Features

Doll Features

American Girl dolls are made of the finest quality materials—some parts are still crafted by hand, using traditional doll-making techniques. Enjoy an up-close look to see why designs can take 3-5 years to develop, from initial concept to when a doll debuts.


American Girl doll hair is actually a wig, firmly secured to her head. It's similar to the high-quality wigs created for real people. Made out of a blend of mod-acrylic fibers of different colors and textures, it maintains styles well and creates a rich variation of colors just like on a human head. This type of textured wig allows for more realistic hairstyles than the rooted hair you might find on other dolls. To keep American Girl doll hair looking its best, we recommend using a wire hairbrush, a hair pick, or simply finger styling, depending on the texture of her hair.


The eyes for 18-inch American Girl® and Bitty Baby® dolls are designed to open and close smoothly and quietly, just like real eyes. These are sometimes called "sleep eyes." The eyelashes are created separately, curled by hand, then secured to the doll.

For all our dolls, hand painting is one of the techniques used to give the eyes greater detail and dimension. They begin as clear lenses, then are painted the appropriate eye and lid colors. The eyelashes are created separately, curled by hand, then secured to the doll.


Creating an American Girl doll's face is truly an art form. Each of our new doll designs can take more than a year from concept to the time you can bring her home. That's because the shape for each face is sculpted by hand—a meticulous process that, even with today's technological advances, hasn't changed much since the early days of doll-making. To create a sense of realism, our dolls' faces are inherently asymmetrical, just like real girls' faces.


The skin of American Girl dolls is made of vinyl that's not too soft and not too hard. We've worked to perfect the formula for the texture and color so that it appears as authentic and lifelike as possible—even down to the eyelid color and sprinkle of freckles on some of our dolls.


All our 18-inch dolls have soft-cloth bodies that are sewn and stuffed by hand. They each also have a neck cord (or zip tie in some cases) that secures her head to her body—a handmade detail that hearkens back to classic doll-making traditions. But this detail is more than a legacy; it keeps the head attached to the body, so be sure not to cut the cord.

This design allows for better movement and posing of your doll's limbs, and the sturdy construction means more hours of play.

Designed to withstand the more hands-on play style of younger girls, the 15-inch Bitty Baby® doll has vinyl limbs sewn directly onto her soft-cloth body, while the bodies of the 14.5-inch WellieWishers™ are a mix of vinyl and plastic. This construction also gives these dolls the flexibility to be placed in more lifelike poses.

American Girl Dolls

Historical Characters

Explore important times in America's past with our historically accurate characters. Each one stars in a three-book series that brings her time in history to life with stories of friendship, courage, and hope. There's a beautifully crafted doll for each character, along with true-to-era clothing and accessories that evoke her world and adventures. These 18-inch dolls are for ages 8 and up.

Girl of the Year®

Every year, American Girl introduces a brand-new character with a story about finding success in the face of challenges today. Our Girl of the Year brings her inspirational story to life with a doll whose hair can be lovingly styled, plus outfits and accessories that reflect her interests and stories. These 18-inch dolls are for ages 8 and up.

Truly Me

The choice is yours with this selection of dolls that can be customized by hair, skin, and eye color—then the doll can truly become unique by adding outfits, accessories, and more to match your girl's favorite activities and interests. With themed sets for everything from science to soccer to hairstyling, the girl in your life can enjoy the freedom to explore something new. These 18-inch dolls are for ages 8 and up.

Bitty Baby®

Our huggable Bitty Baby dolls are perfect for little girls who like to play mommy. With her cuddly cloth body and eyes that really open and close, girls can love and nurture this special baby as they pretend to feed her, change her diaper, or sing her to sleep. Available in six combinations of skin, hair, and eye color, these 15-inch dolls are for ages 3 and up.


Each member of this sweet and silly group of friends has a vinyl/plastic body with hair that can be brushed and styled. Their unique personalities come to life through outfits, accessories, and play sets that offer days of active play and imagination. These 14.5-inch dolls are for ages 5 and up.

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