Holiday cookies, presents, and candles
Holiday cookies, presents, and candles
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Give the gift of creativity with one-of-a-kind maker kits

By American Girl Dec. 4, 2018

With these sweet and simple craft kits, your girl can give a thoughtful gift to everyone on her list. Simply assemble all the necessary “ingredients” and add a pretty tag, instructions, and bow. Then the recipient can create something special with the supplies from the kit. It’s a double DIY that makes giving and receiving creative and delightful.

Here are three ideas to try:

Terrarium Kit

If the person on your girl’s list loves nature, a tiny terrarium kit may be just right for her! Include everything she needs to make her own mini world to explore. You might include things like:

  • cute plastic animals
  • small stones
  • fake moss
  • plastic plants
  • clean glass jar with a lid

To give, place the supplies in a pretty plastic bag and put the bag inside the jar.

Baking Kit

Give a gift that makes baking from scratch a real treat with a classic recipe-in-a-jar baking kit. Using your favorite, simple recipe, carefully layer pre-measured dry ingredients in a jar. Some common ingredients include:

  • flour
  • salt
  • baking soda
  • brown sugar
  • sprinkles or chocolate chips

Reserve any toppings or mix-ins for the top of the jar so they can easily be removed for baking. Secure the lid and tie a pretty ribbon around the rim, and don’t forget to include the recipe, including the mixing and baking instructions, on the tag.

Bracelet Kit

Here’s a kit that looks as pretty in the jar as it does when it’s finished (and it travels well, too)! Add assorted, colorful beads and a small skein of elastic cord to lidded jar to make a bracelet-making kit. Crafting a sweet keepsake from this kit will remind the maker of the people who care about her, every time she wears her bracelet.

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