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An essential addition to your girl’s library

By American Girl Sep. 2, 2021

The essential anti-racism book for back-to-school

It can be hard to talk to kids about racism. But as students return to school this fall, it’s more important than ever to equip them with the right vocabulary and tools to discuss race, identify racism, and stand up when they notice injustice. Whether you’re a parent getting children ready for the new year or a teacher tackling these essential topics in the classroom, A Smart Girl’s Guide: Race & Inclusion is an excellent resource.


A Smart Girl’s Guide: Race & Inclusion informs readers about racism, inclusion, and anti-racist issues with age-appropriate information and fun activities. To help make your conversations with kids about race even more meaningful, we’ve also created these short videos that you can watch with your kids at home or in the classroom:

Watch Practice Compassion now

Watch Beyond your Bubble now

Watch Question Your Biases now

Watch What Shapes Your World now

Watch Being an Ally now

Watch Flip the Script now

Watch Questions from Adults now

Watch Everyday Acts now


A guide for parents and teachers

For even more advice, check our free parent's and teacher’s guide for A Smart Girl’s Guide: Race and Inclusion. Using this guide is a great way to further engage kids with the topics in the book and foster purposeful conversations.

Download an excerpt of A Smart Girl’s Guide: Race & Inclusion here.

Download a parent's and teacher's guide for A Smart Girl’s Guide: Race & Inclusion here.

Purchase A Smart Girl’s Guide: Race & Inclusion here.

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