Mom cooking with two girls
Mom cooking with two girls
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Recipes that bring American Girl stories alive

By American Girl Jul. 18, 2019

Like a good story, baking with your girl never goes out of style. Creating these recipes from the American Girl archives is a great way to connect with history and create new stories with your girl.

Rosanna Pansino partnered with American Girl to feature these recipes on her cooking series Nerdy Nummies. Check out Molly’s recipe here, Samantha’s recipe here and Blaire’s recipe here.  

Did you know?

During World War II, ingredients like sugar and butter were hard to find, so Molly’s family had to work with what they had. These cupcakes use applesauce instead of sugar and butter, which was a common substitute at the time. Not only does this swap-in give these cupcakes a delicious apple-pie aroma—it also makes them dairy free!

Molly’s applesauce cupcakes

Did you know?

In the early 1900s, many people believed that even girls from wealthy families like Samantha’s should learn how to cook, as well as how to become proper hostesses. When Samantha helped make jelly biscuits, she loved using the sifter, rolling out the dough, and cutting the biscuits into round shapes. Sometimes she even snuck a small piece of dough to eat!

Samantha’s jelly biscuits

Did you know?

People with lactose intolerance, like 2019 Girl of the Year™ Blaire Wilson™, don’t have enough lactase in their small intestine to digest milk sugar, which means they feel awful after eating foods that contain dairy. In Blaire Cooks Up a Plan, Blaire feels isolated by her new diagnosis because she can’t eat the same snacks as everyone else in her class. Blaire’s friend Eli makes a huge difference in her day by baking these special dairy-free brownies, just so Blaire can enjoy them too. These brownies are guaranteed to make people smile, even if they can eat milk products!

Eli’s dairy-free chocolate chip brownies

Adapted from American Girl Pastimes: Molly’s Cook Book ©1994, American Girl Pastimes: Samantha’s Cook Book ©1994, and Blaire Cooks Up a Plan ©2019.

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