Girl smiling and holding Felicity Merriman doll
Girl smiling and holding Felicity Merriman doll
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The return of Felicity Merriman™, a revolutionary girl

By American Girl Apr. 16, 2017

Current headlines—a polarized body politic, threats from a powerful nation on the other side of the world, a future fraught with uncertainty—would sound familiar to colonists in 1774, like American Girl favorite Felicity Merriman. During the buildup to the Revolutionary War, these contentious issues were at the forefront of many minds.

Yet for girls today, connecting with these issues can be difficult. That’s why all American Girl character stories are told from a girl’s perspective, in a way that relates to contemporary times.

In Felicity’s day, the major issue was the growing divide between colonists loyal to Great Britain and those craving independence. For Felicity, the matter became much more personal. The family of her best friend, Elizabeth, continued to be committed to the King of England. Yet closer to home, Ben, an apprentice to Felicity’s father, was convinced a war to win the colonies’ freedom was in their best interests. With people she trusted and cared about pulling her in different directions, no wonder Felicity found it harder to tell right from wrong.

Like Felicity, your girl may be hearing contradictory messages from the people in her life. What Felicity’s stories make clear is that while there aren’t necessarily easy answers, staying true to your heart and summoning the bravery to defend your beliefs remain most important.

Of course, Felicity’s stories extend far beyond the coming revolution. Her adventures include rescuing a beloved horse, as well as finding ladylike ways to protest the tax on tea and avoid boring needlework! Through it all, Felicity follows her heart—a courageous approach that can inspire every girl.

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